AEA/ASSA Meetings

San Francisco 2016

Conference Information

IT&FA offers sessions at the Allied Social Sciences Association along with other prestigious organizations each January. Topics are always well attended, as we present panels and papers in current topical areas.

First Session: The European Union’s New Institutions: Political Economy and Economic Perspectives (F5)

Jan 03, 2016 10:15 am
Marriott Marquis, Nob Hill C & D

Presiding: THIERRY WARIN (HEC-Montreal)

The Crisis, the Public, and the Future of European Integration
JEFFRY FRIEDEN (Harvard University)
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Looking Back: Eurozone Crisis and the Euro Regime
KURT HUEBNER (University of British Columbia)

Why Countries Choose to Adopt the Euro Fast or Slow-A Political Analysis
AMY VERDUN (University of Victoria)
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Towards Unveiling the Mechanisms of the EU Decision Making Process
ERIK PRUYT (University of Delft)
PAUL SCHURE (University of Victoria)
AMY VERDUN (University of Victoria)

Reducing Systemic Risk in Europe: Is the ‘Banking Union’ a Big Enough Step?
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Second Session

Jan 04, 2016 12:30 pm Marriott Marquis, Nob Hill C & D
The Saga of Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations (F1, F5) (Panel Discussion)

Panel Moderator: Joseph Pelzman (George Washington University)

  • ALAN V. DEARDORFF (University of Michigan)
  • MICHAEL G. PLUMMER (Johns Hopkins University)
  • SVEN ARNDT (Claremont McKenna College)
  • JOSEPH PELZMAN (George Washington University)
  • ROBERT E SCOTT (Economic Policy Institute)